Hire An Attorney Willing To Fight For You

Success in your personal injury case is not a foregone conclusion. It takes dedication and knowledge of how the law and insurance companies work to get strong results.

If you have been hurt in a collision, we will work hard to increase the likelihood of a positive case outcome. Our Rhode Island attorneys passionately fight to serve your best interests.

At D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, our lawyers have over 25 years of legal experience. We have achieved successful results for numerous clients, obtaining many high-value settlements and verdicts for their injuries and other collision damages.

The Value Of Selecting Our Highly Experienced Lawyers

Our lawyers have a robust knowledge of personal injury law. We continually sharpen our skills through seminars and training specific to our area of law. We know the steps that we need to take to strengthen your case for greater chances of compensation.

The complex and sensitive tasks we may complete for your case include:

  • Collection of physical evidence related to the incident
  • Collection of testimony from bystanders, law enforcement officials or medical personnel who witnessed the incident
  • Consultation with experts and specialists who can provide information or testimony for the benefit of your case
  • Obtaining and compiling all medical reports and bills, including requests for permanent disability impairment ratings
  • Keeping you aware of your rights and the status of your case
  • Negotiation with insurance companies for the highest possible settlement figure when appropriate
  • Moving the case into arbitration or mediation
  • Strong representation in trial as needed against a negligent party

Our personal injury lawyers will work closely with you to avoid omitting crucial steps or making mistakes that could potentially weaken your case. With our extensive experience, we can advise you on whether an insurance company is offering an unreasonably low settlement. Our advocacy skills also allow us to aggressively pursue your interests in settlement negotiations or in court as necessary to seek maximum compensation.

As a firm with a sole focus on personal injury cases, we have assisted countless clients who were facing the most difficult time of their lives. We recognize the tragic consequences of trucking collisions, botched surgeries and other specific injury situations. Our attorneys know where to begin and how to effectively resolve your unique case.

Injury Claims And Your Right To Compensation

Our skilled lawyers will do everything in their power to improve your chances of receiving compensation that fully covers your medical and physical therapy expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Call D'Alessandro & Wright at 401-308-3596 or send us a message online to schedule a meeting with us. Located in Providence, our law office welcomes you.