Don’t Face Surgical Errors Alone

In any medical treatment or procedure, doctors must provide patients with the required standard of medical care. If a surgeon or another medical professional fails to do so, they may be held responsible for the resulting damages.

At D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, our personal injury attorneys are willing to fight to get you the money you deserve. We can examine your case alongside our trusted medical experts to help determine whether you have a substantial medical malpractice claim.

Why Do Surgical Errors Happen?

You might assume that every surgeon and nurse in the operating room dedicates their full attention to the patient. However, surgical errors are far too common.

Errors occur when a medical provider makes a preventable mistake during a procedure. Inadequate preparation, lack of team communication, fatigue, or the use of drugs or alcohol may be contributing factors. Whatever the reason for your injury, our attorneys can seek justice for you.

Surgical errors can include:

  • Causing nerve damage during an operation
  • Administering the wrong type or incorrect amount of medication
  • Improper administration of anesthesia
  • Failing to remove all equipment from the body after surgery
  • Performing an operation on the wrong area of the body
  • Performing an operation on the wrong patient

This is far from a complete list of surgical errors. Many cases involve injuries specific to the performed procedure or patient's unique situation. Preventable infections after surgery may lead to sepsis, septic shock and possibly death, for example. We have the skill and knowledge necessary to assert that a provider failed to perform the standard of care in your surgery.

Although many errors are not immediately noticeable, act as soon as you realize that something is wrong. In Rhode Island, victims may have as little as three years in which to take legal action for a surgical error. If you think you may have a claim, our attorneys can explain your legal options.

Get Legal Help For Your Injuries

At D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, we know that you may have numerous questions about facing an injury. While the claims process may seem overwhelming, our lawyers can support you every step of the way. We believe firmly that client education is a vital component to the success of any legal matter.

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