Can You Be Compensated For A Serious Bicycle Collision?

Rhode Island has led the nation in providing bike paths, bike lanes and bike routes. Although this is great news for those who choose to bike as a form of commuting, recreation or exercise, it still does not eliminate the significant dangers bicyclists face when sharing the road with larger motor vehicles.

At D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, we fight to help cyclists recover from collision injuries. Without an attorney who is accustomed to persuading insurers, it can be difficult to claim insurance benefits. We will explain what you deserve for your pain and medical costs, then build your case to maximize your potential compensation.

Who Is Responsible For A Bicycle Collision?

Bicycle collisions can involve case-specific circumstances. Whether a collision happened on a road, in a parking lot or at an intersection, all types of bicycle collisions have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries or death.

By law, bicycles are vehicles with the same rights and responsibilities as automobiles. As such, cyclists have the right to share the roads with cars and trucks. Even when cyclists obey the rules of the road, however, they still encounter numerous dangers. The negligence of other drivers can particularly create serious bicycle collisions that devastate the lives of cyclists and their families.

Although a collision is less likely to be fatal if you wear a helmet, protective gear may still not shield you from an impact with a powerful car or truck. Drivers should never assume that a helmet would save you. Instead, they must stay especially vigilant when driving near cyclists or bike paths. Failure to watch out for cyclists is a sign of motorist negligence.

When advocating on behalf of cyclists, our legal team does everything in our power to pinpoint the causes of the collision. In many cases, driver intoxication, driver distraction and other poor driving decisions lead to these collisions.

Build Your Case With Passionate Attorneys

Should you choose to work with D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, for your bike collision claim, you can feel confident knowing that our firm has a strong case record. Our law firm works relentlessly to establish liability, hold the at-fault party accountable for its actions and recover the maximum compensation possible.

We know that injured cyclists and their families depend upon the full amount of damages to recover. Call our firm in Providence at 401-308-3596 or conveniently message us online to schedule your free initial consultation.