How To Prove Liability After A Collision

After a collision, figuring out who may be at fault is essential. This step does not merely determine where to direct anger; it is critical to help you win damages for your life-changing injuries.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not likely to believe your account of the collision on its own. You may need to support your statement with evidence and rely on your lawyer to communicate with their representatives. D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, knows how to search for proof and argue that someone else is at fault for your collision.

Finding The Truth Behind Your Injuries

Being able to prove liability will increase your chances of obtaining the amount of compensation you need to recover. However, this task involves collecting and examining many details about the truck or auto collision. Our firm's experience allows us to skillfully build your case.

There are several tools we can use to argue liability such as:

  • A police report, which may contain the officer's opinion on the cause of the collision or whether another driver was ticketed
  • Testimony from witnesses to the collision
  • Physical evidence from the collision
  • State traffic laws
  • Evidence that you were rear-ended in the collision, which frequently suggests that the driver behind you was at fault

Our lawyers can assist you by collecting evidence, testimony and other information on your behalf to establish liability. We begin collecting evidence as soon as you decide to work with us — before it is destroyed or lost. Regardless of whether your case goes to trial, the right evidence can give you the support you need to win compensation.

We Are Fully Prepared To Help You

D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, believes in being aggressive when it could make a difference for your case. We are willing to accept the challenges that may lie ahead, such as a stubborn insurer disputing your claim. Above all, we fight for the benefit of your recovery. Call our offices in Providence or Warwick at 401-308-3596 or contact us online to have a conversation with a skilled attorney.