What Can You Do About A Collision With An Underinsured Driver?

In Rhode Island, it is illegal to drive a car without auto insurance. Unfortunately, there are many uninsured drivers operating vehicles throughout the state. This can be a major problem if they cause a collision. Uninsured motorists may not have an insurance company on their side to pay for an injured person's rightful compensation.

Nevertheless, you should not have to pay the full cost of a collision if you were not at fault. The dedicated legal team at D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, will stay on your side to fight for coverage of your damages. Our law firm will help you get a favorable settlement or trial verdict.

How Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist Claims Are Different

After a serious car collision, you have the right to file a claim against the insurance company of the responsible driver. If the negligent driver does not have any insurance, however, it may initially seem like a claim would do little to resolve your financial problems. Instead, the answer may involve making a claim with your own insurer.

If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you can access compensation through your own insurance policy, but it is common to encounter obstacles. Even if you have been a faithful customer of your insurance company for years, it can still be difficult to persuade it to provide fair compensation. However, we have an effective plan to demand what you deserve.

Talking Tough To Insurers On Your Behalf

Our firm knows how insurance companies operate. They do not want to pay you the maximum, and they could easily deny a valid claim. However, our attorneys are willing to take the insurance company to court for a bad faith case.

A low settlement offer might sound more attractive as the bills accumulate, but you do not have to compromise while facing serious collision injuries. Don't ever accept a low settlement or sign any insurance papers without first getting a case review from a lawyer on your side. Our Providence law firm takes pride in our long track record of success and achievements for our clients.

We Work To Get Results For You

We offer free case evaluations at our Providence and Warwick offices so that you know what to expect. We will treat you with dignity, respect and compassion while taking a strong stance against insurance companies. Call us at 401-308-3596 or message us online to review your options and learn what to expect in terms of compensation from a collision with a driver who lacks insurance coverage and how we will fight to get fair treatment from your insurance company.