Will I Have To Go To Court If I Pursue A Personal Injury Case?

Getting the results you need and deserve after a collision injury may or may not lead to a courtroom trial. The vast majority of personal injury and medical malpractice cases are resolved through settlement negotiations. Mediation, arbitration and courtroom litigation are other methods of righting wrongs through legal action. Hiring a lawyer who has tried cases to full verdict — and is willing to do that for you — can increase the likelihood and the amount of a settlement.

If Necessary, We Will Make Sure You Are Ready

At D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, we prepare every case as if for trial. This strategy results in many successful settlement conferences. For one thing, it is well-known that we take on injury cases to win. We will not accept less than sufficient compensation for our clients without a fight. Our legal opponents soon realize that we will stand fast for justice for our clients who have suffered serious and catastrophic injuries in:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle collisions
  • Bicycle, pedestrian and boating collisions
  • Dangerous premises cases
  • Construction collisions and other on-the-job collisions

Our cases are fact-driven, and our lawyers are client-focused. We will never pressure a client to take a case to trial if it does not seem to be in the client's best interests, taking into account likely costs and risks. Nor will we pressure a client to accept an insufficient settlement offer.

Sometimes, a client faces a crucial decision about whether to accept a settlement offer or push for trial. Clients at D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, are kept well-informed and educated throughout their cases. When it is necessary to make a decision, we have brought and fully explained all available options so they are ready to make the right choices for their own best outcomes.

A lawyer's trial-readiness is critical as a personal injury case moves forward. Our attorneys are always ready to take your case to court if it becomes necessary. Legal opponents, if they do not already know it, are soon made aware of the great challenges they would face should a case go to the courtroom. Our successes speak for themselves.

Will You Have To Go To Court? Likely Not — But If You Do, We Will Be Your Fierce Advocates.

When a case seems to be headed for trial, our lawyers prepare to win. However, the method by which you recover compensation is not our top concern. If we represent you, our aim is to ensure that you get justice — and the resources you need to get well and move on with your life after a collision injury.

We Will Evaluate Your Injury Claim Or Lawsuit

We're here to answer your questions and initiate an investigation into the causes of your collision. Schedule a consultation by calling 401-308-3596 or completing our online intake form. We are waiting to hear from you so we may explain how we can help you after a collision.