Fierce Support For Claims Of Poor Security

Rhode Island law requires certain property owners to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of visitors from third parties. Serious injuries that result from negligent or insufficient security can often be extremely painful or emotionally difficult long after the incident.

D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, can personally attend to your case and fight for your compensation. Your case might involve litigation, and you can be confident knowing that our lawyers have proven their strength in court.

Was The Owner Responsible For Your Security?

By not providing proper security, property owners place visitors and guests at risk for severe injuries. These can include assaults, violent robberies, sexual assaults and similar harm. In your case, we can assert that the owner's alternative choices could have spared you this pain.

Examples of places where these risks are common include:

  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Sports stadiums and venues
  • Concerts
  • Parking lots
  • Hotels and motels
  • Apartment complexes

We will assess whether premises owners knew or should have known about the potential dangers their visitors could face. Such dangers should likely be clear to owners of high-risk areas such as nightclubs.

How Could We Prove Liability?

Our legal team may argue that the average person would have recognized potential danger, so the owner should have taken precautions. We can meticulously investigate the property to gather critical facts. Our attorneys can also research the history of criminal activity and police reports near the property.

Once we prove that the expectation of danger is reasonable, we can argue that the owner had a duty to protect guests. If the owner failed to provide necessary security, we may hold that party liable for your physical, emotional and financial damages.

Work With Attorneys Recognized For Our Results

After a major injury, allow our firm to bring a compelling premises liability claim on your behalf based on a property owner's poor security measures. Contact D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, at 401-308-3596 to schedule a free consultation. You may conveniently send us an online message instead, if you prefer. Our Providence and Warwick legal team has accumulated the essential skills to build complex arguments on your behalf.