Guiding Those Who Have Lost A Loved One

Losing someone you love is always a very painful experience, but it is even more tragic when it happens because of someone else's negligence or recklessness. No amount of money is ever adequate to compensate for the tragic loss. However, qualified surviving family members deserve proper financial compensation for this inconsolable loss.

In wrongful death cases, our lawyers can carry the burden of the legal process, allowing you to grieve as necessary. D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC is ready to provide the representation you need to seek justice.

Thorough Attorneys Who Seek The Truth

We are committed to fully investigating and uncovering the clear facts of your wrongful death case. This will allow us to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. In some cases, multiple people or corporations may share some of the liability for the death.

Time is a key factor in bringing legal action due to both preserving evidence and Rhode Island's statute of limitations. Our lawyers work quickly to collect medical reports, details of the crash site or environment, police reports and other forms of evidence. Following a complete investigation, we will arm ourselves with every piece of evidence that suggests liability.

Insurance companies may urgently try to get an agreement on a settlement with surviving family. However, quick settlement offers rarely include fair compensation for the loss you have endured. Our experience with wrongful death and personal injury law allows us to counter the tactics they use to avoid paying fair compensation. We can aggressively pursue the damages that you deserve.

Trusted Representation In Wrongful Death Cases

D'Alessandro & Wright understands the complexity and gravity of wrongful death claims. We can help you and your family engage a legal strategy that can improve your chances of winning maximum available compensation.

Our Providence firm is committed to the rights and best interests of families that have lost a loved one. We are proud to offer a free consultation, which you may schedule online or at 401-308-3596. You deserve to feel confident in the abilities of your attorney. With our legal experience and strong track record, we will support you throughout your wrongful death case.