Thorough Commercial Vehicle Collision Lawyers

Whether your collision involved a large truck or a smaller commercial vehicle, these cases are often more complex than a standard crash claim. Instead of resolving the issue with an individual, you may need to battle the interests of a large corporation.

D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, will advocate for your needs and recovery, which typically means opposing the efforts of commercial vehicle companies seeking to avoid responsibility. In addition to cases against large trucks, we can help with any collision involving construction vehicles, city service trucks, ride-hailing services, delivery trucks and more.

Boldly Standing Up To Stubborn Insurance Companies

Insurance companies, like any other company, are in business to make a profit. When someone suffers wrongful death or severe injuries in a truck accident, the personal injury claims are often hotly contested by the trucking company's insurance carrier and its corporate defense lawyers in an effort to protect profits.

Commercial insurance companies waste no time sending their collision investigators to the scene to conduct interviews and gather evidence, which may help them dispute the evidence of liability.

In the case of a serious collision where the operator or trucking company is clearly liable, its insurance company is often quick to offer a low settlement to tempt the injured party to conclude the claim early. Never sign a release, accept an offer or discuss your injuries without first getting legal representation to protect your right to the compensation you truly deserve.

Our legal team will work tirelessly to prepare your case. We will press forward to resolve your case as favorably as possible. Although negotiation settles many claims, our lawyers are ready and willing to take a case to civil court to help you pursue maximum compensation.

Tough Legal Representation For Your Collision Claim

Our Rhode Island legal team fully understands how vital it is to preserve the trucking company's and operator's records, along with the "black box" (electronic onboard recorder) information. We can thoroughly investigate the state of repair of the truck and the collision scene.

To schedule a free initial consultation for your commercial vehicle collision, call our Providence or Warwick attorneys at 401-308-3596. You may instead contact us online at your convenience. We are ready to pursue every path that could help you obtain compensation for your injuries.