FAQ You Need To Know After A Trucking Accident

If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, you want answers immediately to a wide range of questions. What will happen now? How will your family move forward from this point?

At D'Alessandro & Wright, LLC, we understand the confusion you are feeling after these serious accidents. We are here to give you the support you need and answer your questions. Here are answers to three questions you might have after your loved one is in a trucking collision:

Why is having a lawyer important?

Truck accidents often result in much more severe injuries than from an accident involving smaller vehicles. It is also much more difficult to pinpoint exactly who is liable for the accident and your loved one's injuries.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you get the full compensation for the injuries your loved one has suffered.

What kind of injuries are common?

These accidents often lead to life-altering injuries, including:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Severe spinal cord injuries
  • Burns and broken or disfigured limbs

Many of these injuries can result in long-term or even permanent physical or mental disabilities.

Is the truck driver always at fault?

No, the trucking industry is extremely complex, which can make it difficult to determine who is at-fault for the accident. Other possible negligent parties could include:

  • The trucking company
  • A trucking contractor
  • The truck manufacturer
  • A mechanic

These parties could be within Rhode Island or across the United States. The complexity of the trucking industry is another reason why having an attorney on your side is extremely important.

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