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Are Rhode Island roadways getting safer?

After years of congestion trying to travel from one place to another, seeing less traffic has been a welcome sight for many in Rhode Island.

With more people working from home and others who are simply out of work, residents are seeing a dramatic drop in the number of people on the road, even during rush hours. Although other states are reporting dangerous driving on their open roads, Rhode Island is not experiencing the same trend.

Could a member of your medical team be struggling with addiction?

You count on your healthcare team to provide excellent service while you require medical care. Your team needs to show up ready to support a variety of medical needs for you and the other patients under their supervision.

When healthcare workers struggle with addiction, it can be especially problematic. In addition to reducing the quality of their care, there have also been reports of healthcare workers stealing medications from patients.

What can families do after losing a someone in a trucking crash?

Large trucks are an integral part of our transportation industry, and thanks to these trucks and those who drive them that consumers have access to such a variety of products at reasonable prices.

However, commercial trucks and semitrailers can also present a significant risk to the people in passenger vehicles who use the same roads. Thousands of people die in large truck crashes each year, and almost 70% of them are the occupants of passenger vehicles.

How to reduce distractions on a long drive

Whether it is your daily commute or a family road trip, long drives can feel monotonous, especially if you are the one behind the wheel. To stave off the boredom, many drivers try to multitask.

This might include listening to the radio, listening to an audiobook, chatting with passengers, eating, putting on makeup, talking on the phone or texting. However, each of these activities could increase your risk of being involved in a collision.

Is your summer project an accident waiting to happen?

It seems like there is no end to the projects that come along with owning a home. When there’s nothing to fix, there are parts of the property that you want to improve.

With the snow and ice of winter long gone and long summer days ahead, it is a great time to work on summer repair projects, especially those outside. Before you get out your tools and start working on your list, it is essential to check your machines for safety recalls that could impact how you use your tools.

5 ways to show a distracted driver caused a car accident

Anyone who has spent any time behind the wheel has seen some terrifying things. Texting drivers staring at their laps, people enjoying what appears to be a multi-course meal, folks deciding that the best time to get caught up with the newspaper is during their morning commute, and people applying makeup at a high rate of speed are all things most drivers have witnessed.

The best thing you can hope for from a distracted driver is taking a few seconds longer to respond to a green light. The worst is a catastrophic car accident.

Will proposed change in trucker hours impact safety on the road?

The United States depends on commercial trucking to get material, supplies and other goods across the country. Unfortunately, the same system that is essential to the economy can also add danger to American roadways.

Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Association (FMCSA) proposed new rules to support growing demands shipping, but many argue that the new regulations would increase tired truckers on the road.

Do doctor reviews online tell the whole story?

It is becoming increasingly common to check reviews online before doing anything. Whether you are shopping for a couch or a physician, you want to know what other people experienced when they made the same purchase.

The healthcare industry is no stranger to online reviews, and they run the full range of positive to negative. With so many opinions, it can be challenging to know what reports are helpful and which you should disregard.

Should rain impact how you drive?

Spring showers may bring flowers, but they can also lead to an increase in motor vehicle accidents. It is a terrifying feeling when your vehicle starts to slip out of control on a wet road.

During a rainstorm, there seem to be two types of drivers; those who do not seem to notice and those who seem terrified. While both may justify their opinion on how to handle wet weather, the safest option often has several parts.

Should your employees use a VPN when working remotely?

With changes in the workplace and technological developments, more employees are calling their kitchen table their office. Your company may already have employees who work from home, or you might be considering changing to a remote workforce.

It can be overwhelming, allowing your staff to work remotely. There are endless options for software, and you may need to change your current hardware.


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