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Woman struck in hit-and-run following Dean Street collision

| Jun 7, 2019 | motor vehicle accidents

The immediate aftermath of a car accident in Rhode Island can be quite a dangerous time. Those involved in the accident may exit their vehicles to check on others or to survey the damage. While such a reaction may be natural, depending on where the accident occurred those involved may want to take care to ensure that leaving their vehicles does not expose them to oncoming traffic.

At the same time, those witness an accident or come upon one must also be careful to give the people and vehicles involved a wide berth so as to avoid becoming involved in the incident themselves. This fact was made painfully evident by a recent crash that occurred in Providence near Dean Street. Two vehicles were reportedly involved in a collision, after which a woman exited her vehicle to assess the situation. Upon doing so, she was struck by a third vehicle that was approaching the scene. She was rushed to a local hospital for treatment, yet her condition was not reported. The vehicle that struck the woman took off after hitting her, leaving authorities to not have to deal with discovering what caused the initial accident, but also needing to find the third driver involved.

It may go without saying that those who are involved in an accident are required to stay at the scene to both render aid (as much as they can) and wait to explain what happened to authorities. Those who flee may not only have to face criminal charges for leaving the scene of accident, but also any civil liability that their role in the accident may merit. Anyone looking to assign such liability following a car accident may wish to first seek out the services of an experienced attorney.