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Tracking down the cause of your injury

| Aug 15, 2019 | defective products

At D’Alessandro & Wright, LLC., We see many people with severe injuries. Sometimes, we understand that it feels good to have someone take responsibility for their actions. However, the responsible party is not always the most obvious one. 

In fact, some personal injury lawsuits in Rhode Island involve a concept called product liability. These types of lawsuits could involve you standing up to large companies, such as manufacturers, distributors or designers. 

Again, you may not immediately think of a product liability issue when you are injured. Sometimes, it seems like a doctor, a property owner or another driver would be at fault. However, retrieving the maximum amount of compensation possible so you can get on with your life is probably going to involve pursuing all responsible parties. This has the potential to be daunting, but you do not need to do it alone.

Bad products, faulty designs and so on could be a factor in almost any type of injury. A dangerous auto part could contribute to crash, poorly manufactured sports equipment could lead to severe injuries and improperly labeled products could also lead to injuries that were not your fault. 

Generally speaking, we would have to prove that a product did not include a warning about being dangerous, or that it was dangerous due to a defect. When your opponent is a big company with many legal resources, this could be an uphill battle.

Regardless of the size of our opponent, we fight tenaciously for the rights of our clients. We believe that nobody deserves to be injured, especially not when using a supposedly safe product. Please continue on to our main website to read more.