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Can you bring suit for lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning is not as common as it once was. Widespread regulations have reduced the chance that you would suffer from exposure to this heavy metal.

These regulations just make it all the more frustrating when Rhode Island individuals and businesses do not take all necessary measures to protect you from this harmful substance. If you were injured — if you or your children have medical bills or pain related to lead poisoning, in this case — then that could be grounds for legal action.

There are various ways you or your children may have been exposed to lead. Although it may seem like a thing of the past, lead-based paint was legal for residential applications as recently as 1978. Additionally, as explained on FindLaw, lead is still occasionally present in supplies for some hobbies, such as fine art painting. Improperly manufactured nutritional supplements or drugs sometimes contain impermissible levels of lead. You may also have faced a high risk of exposure while working or interacting with contaminated soil or water.

One job with significant potential for lead exposure is construction. Especially if you work on older houses, doing renovations, for example, you may encounter this metal on the job. This is probably a foreseeable risk for your employer — it is no secret that the metal was once popular as a paint additive. If you do a lot of work rehabbing houses and have tested positive for high lead content after experiencing symptoms, such as joint pain, high blood pressure or reproductive problems, then you may want to review the protective actions taken by your employer.

Fortunately, few people these days manufacture products with high lead content. That is not to say that these products do not exist — you could encounter tainted food items or dietary supplements, for example. The fact is that, if lead shows up in your body, it had to come from somewhere. That means there is a chance that somebody's negligence led to your injury.

If it turns out that somebody did expose you to lead via manufacturing a faulty product, failing to provide adequate safety measures to protect you or otherwise failing in their responsibilities, you could be able to reclaim some of the losses you incurred. However, this is not legal advice. Please make sure you get specific information pertaining to your case before acting.

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