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A house doesn’t need to be haunted to be scary on Halloween

| Oct 31, 2019 | premises liability

Whether you plan to pass out candy or walk around the neighborhood with your kids this Halloween, it is important to plan for a lot of people going from house to house. Children will be dressed up and parents will be trying to keep them under control, which means that homeowners should be especially mindful of how safe their home is.

This Halloween, homeowners and parents alike can take precautions to avoid accidents and the premises liability claims that could follow. 

What homeowners can do

Before trick-or-treaters come around, homeowners should ensure their homes are safe for visitors. This can mean:

  • Repairing or installing lighting on poorly lit walkways
  • Clearing steps
  • Making sure decorations are safe
  • Keeping dogs properly restrained
  • Removing overhead hazards like broken tree limbs
  • Using LED lights in jack-o-lanterns instead of candles

Property owners of apartment buildings and businesses would also be wise to secure their premises. They might:

  • Have extra security measures in parking lots
  • Clean spills and obstacles out of entryways and common areas
  • Close and lock up pools
  • Remove or secure attractive nuisances, or dangerous items that may be especially interesting to a child

What parents can do

Parents who are taking their children out to trick-or-treat can also take steps to avoid accidents. Moms and dads can:

  • Keep children from wearing masks that limit their visibility
  • Put reflective tape on a child’s costume
  • Carry a flashlight
  • Skip over houses that have no lights on
  • Use extreme caution when crossing the street

These and other tips for staying safe on Halloween can make it easier for everyone to have fun and get home safely.

However, if an accident does occur as a result of negligence or unsafe property, injured parties must get medical attention right away. If the accident results in missed work, additional care at home and other related expenses, retain documentation that shows dates, duration and amounts. 

This information can be easy to lose track of in the immediate aftermath of a serious accident, but being diligent in documenting the damages of an accident can be essential should you pursue compensation from the liable party.