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Ready to start your holiday shopping? Avoid unsafe toys

| Nov 22, 2019 | defective products

Holiday shopping season is here. Whether you have a list long enough to rival Santa’s or just a few items to buy, you probably just want to find gifts that the recipients will love. However, you should also make sure that they are safe.

Unfortunately, this can be a little more difficult than you might imagine, considering the number of unsafe products on the market. Recently, for instance, a consumer safety group released their list of the worst toys to purchase this holiday season.

Toys that made the list

The consumer safety group, called World Against Toys Causing Harm, revealed their annual list of the toys they have determined to be dangerous. The toys on the list include:

  • The Nerf Ultra One gun, which can potentially cause injuries to a child’s eye
  • The Flybar’s Pogo Trick Board, which has misleading packaging
  • Frozen Treats Slime from Nickelodeon, which smell like desserts but are made from dangerous chemicals that children should not eat
  • Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog, which could contain potential choking hazards

These and other toys identified by WATCH could pose a threat to children. Some present choking hazards, others increase the risk of falling. The group also calls out toys that have inadequate or inconsistent warnings.

Potentially dangerous vs. defective

It is important to note that there is a difference between potentially dangerous products and defective products. It is also crucial to understand that WATCH is an advocacy group, not a federal agency. As such, its recommendations are based on its own research.

Defective toys include those that do not perform properly and those that are improperly designed, manufactured or sold.

In other words, the WATCH list toys are not known to be defective, but the group argues they could be dangerous.

Avoiding unsafe toys

Keeping unsafe toys out of the hands of children is important. As such, you should be mindful when shopping this holiday season and take steps to avoid buying a dangerous toy. Do an internet search for recalled toys; purchase items in person or through reputable online retailers; opt for buying new items when possible.

Taking these precautions can help you and your loved ones have a happier holiday.