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Keeping your stoop safe for deliveries

| Jan 6, 2020 | premises liability

Even though the winter holidays are coming to a close, it does not mean the end of people delivering packages to your front door. Imminent deliveries and weeks of snow and ice ahead could mean danger for the next person who brings a package to your door.

One chore that comes with owning a home is making sure the walkways to your home are clear of ice and snow. If someone is injured on your slippery sidewalk it could mean fines or facing liability for their injuries.

Here are some ways to make sure your home is safe for the people delivering parcels so you can avoid dealing with an injured delivery driver.

What is your duty as a homeowner?

Even if you do not order a package or some other delivery, any person who is trying to make a delivery is assumed to be there by your invitation. When you invite someone onto your property, you need to either make the area safe or warn potential guests that there are areas are unsafe.

When you notice that there is snow or ice in the areas that lead to your home, try to make time as soon as possible to clear the area. If you cannot remove the snow and ice yourself, consider hiring someone or asking a friend to help you keep the areas outside your home safe.

Tips for snow and ice removal

Shoveling snow and chipping away at ice is a difficult job; especially when there is a lot at once or the ice starts to get thick. Here are some tips for removing snow and ice:

  • Know your area. If you or your neighbors have pets or small children, only use chemicals that are labeled safe.
  • Pay attention to the weather. If you know ahead of time that snow or ice is coming, you can be ready to remove snow as it falls or soon after.
  • Get help. Removing snow and ice can be a big job. Ask neighbors or friends for help, if you need it.

If you are unable to remove all the snow and ice, or you know there are areas that are prone to being slippery, post a warning. Delivery drivers should be able to drop off packages without worrying about slipping on the way to your front door.