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Should your employees use a VPN when working remotely?

| May 6, 2020 | Cybercrime

With changes in the workplace and technological developments, more employees are calling their kitchen table their office. Your company may already have employees who work from home, or you might be considering changing to a remote workforce.

It can be overwhelming, allowing your staff to work remotely. There are endless options for software, and you may need to change your current hardware.

Giving your employees access to what they need to work from home could mean a security risk for your business. These are some of the reasons you might need a virtual private network (VPN) for your remote employees.

Virtual security

Every day there are threats to your company’s internet security. Whether people are trying to hack into your system, or employees are clicking on spam links, your business may have multiple points that make is vulnerable.

Adding a VPN to your company’s network security can prevent the problems that come from a system attack. A VPN gives your employees a secure tunnel from which to use your internet-based systems.

A secure way to share data

There are many ways that your employees can share data that have little or no cost. These solutions can be tempting since they can save your company money.

Unfortunately, some of these systems do not have the security to keep your business information and systems secure. These options may offer some low-level protection, but most do not have the level of encryption necessary to prevent someone with harmful intentions.

Your systems hold valuable information about your business. When your information is not protected, you could lose trade secrets and have substantial downtime while attempting to repair and recover lost systems.