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Car accidents involving pedestrians can have devastating results

| Aug 7, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

Many individuals in Rhode Island and across the nation may feel that there are various potential benefits to walking to and from their destinations. However, with little in the way of protective barriers to shield a pedestrian from harm, there is also some level of risk involved. While understanding and adhering to pedestrian safety tips could help reduce the chances of pedestrian-related car accidents, while walking near traffic, at least a portion of one’s safety lies in the hands of nearby drivers.

One of the first topics to address concerning pedestrian safety involves using caution with the places one chooses to walk. When possible, it is likely in one’s best interests to stick to sidewalks and paths and in areas that do not have either option, choosing to walk facing traffic and as far off the road as possible is advisable. Since being visible is also key for pedestrians, wearing bright-colored clothing and sticking to well-lit areas could also prove imperative.

Pedestrians will also find that remaining alert and aware of their surroundings is essential to staying safe. When attempting to cross the street, it may also be helpful to make eye contact with nearby drivers before entering a crosswalk instead of simply assuming they will yield right of way. Unfortunately, a person can only control so much of what happens while walking near traffic. Upon encountering a negligent driver, pedestrians may find it nearly impossible to react in time to escape to safety.

Car accidents involving pedestrians run the unfortunate risk of leaving a person with serious or even life-altering injuries.