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Motor vehicle accidents: The dangers of impaired driving

| Sep 18, 2020 | motor vehicle accidents

It is no secret that operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be a hazardous decision. Impairment continues to be a contributing factor in many motor vehicle accidents in Rhode Island and across the nation, and incidents involving similar forms of negligence run the risk of having cataclysmic repercussions. The presence of impairment can affect one’s ability to drive in various ways, and the effects of these issues only increase as a person’s blood alcohol content rises.

While most individuals may understand that impaired driving is dangerous, some people might not fully understand how it affects their ability to operate a vehicle. The presence of impairment can substantially reduce one’s reaction time and disrupt a person’s ability to process information quickly while driving. Those under the influence may also suffer from coordination issues and anything that affects one’s motor skills while on the open road is inherently dangerous.

Those who drive while impaired may also find it significantly more difficult to concentrate on the task at hand and they might be more likely to become distracted. Studies also point to the impact impairment can have on vision and issues with vision can make it difficult for drivers to track other vehicles or judge speeds.

Those who suffer severe or life-altering harm in motor vehicle accidents involving impaired drivers could face various hardships in life. Such incidents run the risk of leaving victims facing extensive medical costs and a long road to recovery. Those who face similar concerns due to another party’s actions and wish to know more about the next steps to take to pursue accountability could benefit from seeking guidance on their available legal avenues.