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Lack of tire maintenance is a roadway hazard

| Feb 26, 2021 | Firm News

If you frequently navigate Rhode Island traffic, you may arrive home feeling stressed on occasion. In fact, you might even feel like your life is at risk if there are reckless drivers nearby, such as those who make unsafe lane changes or travel far too close to your bumper.

There are certain issues that create significant hazards on the road that may not be immediately apparent. For instance, if a nearby driver consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel, you would have no way of knowing that, but it definitely places your safety at risk. Tire maintenance is another “hidden” issue that might increase your risk of collision.

Many vehicle owners are lax when it comes to tire safety

You might share the road with 10, 20 or more other drivers at a time on an average day of travel in Rhode Island. Consider the fact that each vehicle has four (or more) tires on it. If even one tire is bald or has splitting treads, it increases the possibility that a collision may occur. The following list includes basic tire safety tips that, unfortunately, many vehicle owners ignore:

  • New tires should go on the rear axle.
  • Tire rotation should take place every 5,000 to 7,000 miles on average.
  • Vehicle owners should follow manual recommendations for air pressure.
  • Vehicle owners should maintain adequate tread depth on tires.

You can’t simply take a quick glance at your tires and assume they are safe for traveling. If you’re driving to work and a nearby motorist is behind the wheel of car that has balding tires, one of them could blow at any moment, placing you at risk for serious, even life-threatening, injuries if a collision occurs.

Checking the tread on tires is easy

While it’s always best to have professionals help you maintain tire safety on your vehicles, it’s not difficult to check the tread on your tires at home. Many people do this by inserting a coin in between the treads. If you can see past a certain point on the coin’s image, it’s evidence that your treads are worn.

Adequate treads are critical to having good traction on the road, which is essential to safe travel. You’re not responsible, however, for another driver’s tire maintenance and safety. You also have no way of knowing whether you’re sharing the road with motorists whose tires are in good condition or are on the verge of a blowout at any time.

If lack of tire maintenance results in injury

If a driver hits you because he or she was traveling with a bald tire that exploded and caused him or her to lose control of steering, you may be the one who winds up in the hospital with injuries. Not only would you undoubtedly experience physical pain, you might also suffer severe emotional trauma and financial distress as well.

Many recovering car accident victims seek restitution against those responsible for the collisions that resulted in their injuries. This, of course, cannot physically heal an injury, but it can lead to compensation for damages that can help alleviate the financial expenses associated with medical care and other accident-related issues.