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The impact distraction can have on driving capabilities

| Apr 15, 2021 | motor vehicle accidents

As a collision can take place in the blink of an eye, maintaining constant focus on the task at hand could prove integral to safely navigating the open road. However, the average driver in Rhode Island might not fully grasp how dangerous it can be to succumb to distraction, even if only for a moment. Understanding the impact distraction can have on one’s ability to operate a vehicle could help a person better prepare to react to a hazardous situation before dangerous car accidents occurs.

The presence of distraction may only act to increase the chances an unfortunate scenario might occur, and some examples of how distractions affect one’s driving capabilities may include:

  • Divide of attention: Any action that takes even a portion of one’s attention off the road could leave one unprepared to react to various scenarios and, as such, could prove exceedingly dangerous.
  • Low response times: Studies indicate that any form of distraction could disrupt driver response times, and the ability to respond to a situation swiftly is a vital component to operating a motor vehicle.
  • Manual concerns: Manual distractions can be hazardous under any scenario, and drivers who take one hand or both hands off the wheel to reach for an object may also be more likely to create a dangerous scenario.
  • Visual concerns: Those who take their eyes off the road for even a second could find it difficult to maintain proper lane control or spot a possible hazard in time to react.

As studies indicate that distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of major collisions, addressing such concerns could be essential to stemming the tide of such incidents.

While understanding the hazards of distraction and the role similar concerns can play in car accidents could be helpful, one cannot force others to take the same approach to safety. Should the actions of another driver cause a collision to occur, those who suffer severe harm in the process may be left in search of advice on their available legal avenues. Individuals in Rhode Island who experience a similar situation could choose to speak with an attorney for assistance in preparing to seek the restitution entitled through a personal injury claim.