A RARE FIND! A very intelligent, hardworking, passionate attorney

Mr. D'Alessandro puts in the time he takes to present a strong case.

By the time I met Mr. D'Alessandro, I had lost all faith in attorneys. I have hired many attorneys over many years and found them all lacking in at least one area. Many did not seem to have the time necessary to devote to my case or cared more about keeping peace with the judge or other attorneys, than fighting for my rights, or were ineffective in courtroom situations.

Mr D'Alessandro, on the other hand, represents his clients with a refreshing, intelligent passion to set wrongs right. He does his research and takes as much time as needed to prep his clients. He is totally prepared for court and I believe he was born to be a litigator.

It is not just a job for him. He is definitely someone you are happy to have on your side. — Terri

Highly recommended attorney for collision and personal injury cases

Not long ago I had a serious medical malpractice legal case. Attorney D'Alessandro was very responsive and excellent in communicating all my legal options.

He explained my choices and in the end we did not have to go to trial. I was so impressed with his professionalism and down to earth approach, that I later used him for several other legal matters.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest and highly capable Providence collision or personal injury lawyer. — MH